---Britt Haraway is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. His stories have appeared in the South Dakota Review, Natural Bridge, 971, Product, New Madrid, Great Weather for Media, Moon City Review, and BorderSenses.  His poetry has also appeared in BorderSenses.  His story “Papa, Too” was chosen for the Best Small Fictions 2016 anthology, guest edited by Stuart Dybek.  He is the fiction editor for riverSedge magazine and is the faculty adviser for Gallery, UTRGV’s student literary arts magazine.  He received a PhD from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi and was raised in the Memphis area, where many of his stories are set.  He now lives in McAllen, TX with his family. 

You can reach him at cbharaway@hotmail.com


Early Reviews and Reactions to Early Men

"These moving stories of characters struggling with their own flaws, fighting to right their tilted lives or survive a loved one’s loss, are richly imagined, admirably complex, and shine with the subtlety and sensitivity of truly fine writing. But Early Men is more than that. By bravely grappling with the political as well as the personal, Britt Haraway tackles one of literatures most difficult, yet vital, roles and, with this debutoffers us important insights not only about ourselves, but about the wider world in which we live."

Josh Weil, author of The Great Glass Sea

"The author’s attention to detail and rhythm is quite effective. In “Lucy and the Early Men,” the narrator describes an article he wrote about an archaeological site on Native American land adjacent to the U.S.-Mexican border wall: “Just a bit of history that had helped me understand the wall. The age of bones. Finding the fishing gear and the boat evidence. A bunch of weapons.” Lines like these demonstrate Haraway’s developing mastery of the short story form, and show that this book—and any subsequent works from the author—is worth a reader’s attention.

Well-crafted contemporary tales with Southern protagonists.

--Kirkus Review



"Haraway likes to create fringe characters, characters on the brink of things falling apart, then depict the scenes where things fall apart. He highlights them with tense confrontations, interactions that reveal the inner truths of his people. “Germantown Players Club” features two such confrontations, the one out in the driveway with the doctor, and another right after, making it, at seven pages, intense from beginning to end. I like this story a lot, like what Haraway does. This is, as they say, a solid debut."

--MICHAEL CZYZNIEJEWSKI, author of I Will Love You For the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories


"In the deftly written “Early Men,” just out from Lamar University Press, Haraway explores the familiar themes of modern literary fiction from fresh angles inspired from his life in Memphis and his work in South Texas. Disaffected, weary and flawed characters struggle with love, life and identity in these 11 tales, seldom breaking free of their self-made purgatories but affording us fascinating insight into the human condition."

--David Bowles, author of Ghosts of the Rio Grande Valley



"Accessible, funny, and insightful, Haraway’s Early Men earns its place in a new wave of appreciation for literary short story collections."

4 of 5 stars by Gary Presley, author of Author of Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio and reviewer with Foreword Clarion Reviews.