Brokedown lowdown / by Britt Haraway

Car out these past few weeks.  It is a nice reminder about the privilege of having a car and being an american male.  To think I have had access to a car since I was sixteen.  School, employment, friends.  Feeling blessed.  My student last night talked about taking the bus to school and work and giving himself several hours on each side to get from place to place.  It made me think about my own college experience, no full time job.  Momma's checks rolling in.  Working part time for Europe money.  These kind of things set up the good grades and whatnot.  

Little things too...I remember reading.  Falling asleep in a library chair with nowhere to be.  I have places to be now, and I can feel the difference in my body.  That must be how some of my students live, even as they try to study and think, always needing to be in the middle of the next duty.  Work. School.  Some of them I fear do not have enough time to leisurely look at enough words in between sinking eyelids.  

 A lot of my stories have been about the first world problems of young men.  I admit they are of a certain size, but I did try to find something true in the middle.  Anyhow in real life, I took the wrong bus yesterday and had to walk four miles to school.  Cue the violins!  At least half the time I had some music and this song came up, as I took a short cut along a canal, trash and birds along the banks.