I Can't Get Enough of Myself / by Britt Haraway

Really interesting video/webcam for Santigold's "I Can't Get Enough of Myself."  It will put you in the video...See me on the newspaper below. It's what we've all been dying for seemingly in the age of celebrity royalty.  For years I resisted the Facebook world and the world of posting various pictures of myself on the internet.  Obviously that's ended.  I was hard to keep having friends and relatives have babies or get married or better jobs and have no idea what's going on.  I felt left out, but realized they were letting me know, but I wasn't playing by the rules.  Now I know what their kitchens look like and their voting patterns.  Score!  

So now I have a website and am promoting a book.  Is that the ultimate selfie?  Anyhow trying to embrace the process, but I will always have hesitation entering the world of self-promotion and thus will have this arch tone if I ever tell the world to look at the swell things I've done.